Watch our 16-minute on-demand web session for a live demo of Cision Monitoring & Impact, including how you can track earned media content across the web and map campaign outcomes back to defined business objectives. In addition, we’ll review:

  • Earned Media Management – Cision’s best-in-breed tech modernizes your comms function through concrete data.
  • Understanding End Audiences – Stop guessing the audiences that earned content reaches. Get to know these influencers and end users with demographics & firmographics.
  • Validating Conversions & Attribution – ROI is now a reality for Earned Media. See how you can better measure and attribute your impact using data to link your efforts to specific outcomes.

Watch our on-demand web session to take the guess work out of Earned Media.

Connect with an expert to learn how you can track earned media across your campaigns.


Meet Our Speakers:


Kelsey Franjione

Marketing Manager, GTM Strategy & Innovation at Cision

Kelsey Franjione manages the Go-To-Market and Strategy for Cision’s Innovation Lab, headquartered both in NYC & Berlin. As the Innovation Lab builds and acquires apps for the Cision Communications Cloud®, Kelsey is the bridge between Product and Sales teams, making these apps available to Cision clients. Her background in the Martech/Comms space includes 5+ years of sales engineering and product marketing.

Kevin Miller

Product Marketing Manager at Cision

Kevin is a Product Marketing Manager for Cision. He develops marketing strategy and messaging, focusing on influencer impact and related trends within the comms and media industries.