A Free Briefing of the Biggest News and Social Buzz from CES

With so much to see and experience at CES 2022, it would take a superhuman to make every scheduled event. Whether you’re able to make it to this year’s conference or not, Cision Insights’ CES 2022 Morning Update has you covered. 

As the official news distribution partner for CES, Cision wants to make sure you don’t miss any of the innovations, insight or thought leadership coming from the conference. Get all the latest CES news and developments in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee. 

What to expect from the briefing: 

  • Published from Wednesday, Jan. 5 to Friday, Jan. 7 at 5 a.m. PT 
  • Delivered straight to your inbox for a quick, informative read before you go about your day 
  • Featuring all the news and social buzz coming from CES and its exhibitors in an easy-to-read format 

We’ll also share a “bonus” briefing on Monday, Jan. 10 with a recap of the most talked-about stories of the conference 

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