The BlackRock Media Analysis: An Industry Case Study

When it comes to the finance industry, reputation is everything. But when it comes to measuring and managing that reputation, the rules aren’t always clear – even if you happen to be one of the world’s biggest investment firms. Such was the case for BlackRock, who recently enlisted Cision Insights to gain insight into the following questions: 

  • In an increasingly fraught, consumer-driven media landscape, how does one accurately measure and effectively manage one’s brand reputation?  
  • How do you gain market share amid so much noise and capture the attention of key stakeholders? What metrics do you track?  
  • More importantly, how do you turn those metrics into meaningful insights? 

After a comprehensive media analysis, they walked away with executive-ready insights they could use to inform their brand strategy moving forward. 

Now we’re bringing those insights to you.  

Using BlackRock as a case study, we highlighted three forms of media analysis you can use to answer the above questions for your own brand – plus key takeaways from the investment banking industry. 

See for yourself why measurement matters and how to make the most of it as you plan for 2022 and beyond.

Cision Media Analysis 101

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