Join us as Andrea Rosi, Cision’s Director of Product Marketing, and Lee Ribeiro, Cision Product Marketing Manager, dive into why media monitoring is the foundation of a successful earned media campaign.

This comprehensive presentation will guide you through several Cision Communications Cloud® capabilities and techniques:

  • Understand how to identify key industry trends.
  • Gain insight into the topics and messages that resonate with your audiences to inform future messaging.
  • Get a live demo of Cision Communications Cloud's monitoring and analytics capabilities to see how Cision can help you drive engagement with target audiences and optimize performance of your PR and Comms programs.


Meet Our Expert Speakers:


Andrea Rosi

Director of Product Marketing at Cision
Andrea Rosi is the Director of Product Marketing for the Cision Communications Cloud®. She comes from a background in the Martech space, with 5+ years spent focused on marketing automation, content marketing, and personalization software. At Cision, she leads a team in the creation of product messaging and Go-To-Market activities to drive engagement with existing and future customers.

Lee Ribeiro

Product Marketing Manager at Cision
Lee Ribeiro is a Product Marketing Manager at Cision, where he manages content and communication channels between product and sales teams regarding product updates, new features, and positioning towards B2B and B2C audiences.